An Introvert’s Guide On Dealing With Wedding Jitters

Ever since you were a little girl standing in front of a mirror, you have dreamed of your wedding day. Over the years before you met Mr. Right, you have dreamed of walking down the aisle. You dreamed of the perfect wedding dress and the delicious food that would be served at the reception. Now, as your big day approaches, you are a bundle of nerves and ready to elope. Almost every bride has felt this way, so give yourself some space to relax. Following some wedding planning stress relief tips will help you feel better, especially if you are an introvert.


Why is Planning a Wedding So Stressful?

Brides planning a wedding often find that they feel very uneasy. While they may be excited about picking the perfect dress, more than one bride will admit that they just wish the big day would be over. The wedding stress can occur for a variety of reasons, and they are often hidden at first glance. Some brides experience body identity and appearance issues while others experience stress over family dynamics. Still others feel stress over the thought of a lifetime commitment and want to return to being a little girl again. Whatever stress that you feel, make sure that you have a trusted friend that you can talk to about these issues. Often discussing them with a girlfriend is enough to relieve the stress.

Get Organised

While very few weddings come off without a problem, the ones that are most successful have a very organised bride. Even if you are normally the most disorganised person in the universe, use a wedding planner and follow its suggestions to help you stay organised during the planning. While you are following the suggestions in the wedding planner set yourself goals to accomplish everything by the first time given because that gives you plenty of time in case you miss your deadline.


Take Care of Yourself

It is so important to take care of yourself during this time. You will be tempted to not eat and to not sleep. Instead, choose to compartmentalize your life. Work out a schedule and stick to it refusing to worry about the wedding except at certain times. When wedding thoughts try to enter your head, quickly dismiss them by focusing on living in the moment.


Plan a Hen Party

Right before you feel like you are becoming a bridezilla, plan a hen party with a few close friends. You should choose hen party ideas that you will really adore like having your own dance party, jousting with medieval knights or getting a complete makeover. This should be a great way to release stress while having a relaxing time. Keep the event small so that you can enjoy it as an introvert.

Yoga and Meditation

In a few weeks leading up to your wedding, you may need something more than just trying to get organised to settle your pre-wedding day jitters. Consider doing yoga and meditation as one of your everyday rituals. Doing yoga or meditation can provide you with a variety of breathing techniques. It will relax and soothe your anguish. Every time that you begin to get anxious or nervous over your upcoming nuptials, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about happy thoughts.

Ask A Friend to Coordinate the Wedding Day

You may not be able to afford a wedding coordinator, but you should ask a friend to help you on your wedding day. Think about all the friends that you have and choose the one that is most organised. Suggest that instead of giving you a wedding present, they serve you with their time. They will be thrilled and you will feel so much more relaxed.

Following these simple tips on how to make wedding planning less stressful is a great place to start. Remember to verbalize why you are so stressed to a good friend and give yourself a place to relax. Asking someone for help is not a sign of weakness, but a move of great strength.

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