Eco-Friendly Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

From weekend getaways to clubbing, the bucks or hen party has become an integral part of the wedding tradition, just like cakes. However, as a best man or a best friend to the groom you are definitely under pressure to pull off a unique party. With countless decisions to make, planning eco friendly weddings can be overwhelming and strenuous, it is therefore a good idea to take off some stress and have a memorable buck’s party. Hen parties can be fun and by all means they should be, however, they can also do some serious damage to both your wallet and the planet. The concept behind sustainability is simple- we are to leave this world a better place than how we found it. This is not easy because convenience is king, especially when planning for a party. Nonetheless, sustainability does not mean boring and dry, there are creative and fun bucks party ideas to incorporate into planning an eco friendly party. Below are the suggestions for an eco bucks night from XXX Bucks Parties in Sydney.


Whether champagne, cocktails or just good-old-beer, its very rare for a bucks party in Sydney not have drinks. There is no cause for alarm because an eco-friendly party does not mean that you don’t serve alcoholic drinks. You can prepare a signature cocktail which allows you to make use of local seasonal ingredients. During summer, you can take a seedless watermelon, scoop out the flesh, freeze it and then blend it with vodka to prepare a warm-weather treat. In fall, you can make some fresh apple juice and then whip up a refreshing apple Martini. The wine industry releases about 16g of sulphur dioxide and 1lb carbon footprint into the atmosphere for every bottle. Sydney has a wide selection of organic wines, lagers, ciders and ales. You can even include wine tasting in your party by contacting biodynamic or organic establishments throughout Sydney.


A backyard barbecue is one of the fun bucks party ideas and a good way to bond. To plan an eco friendly barbecue, go for grass fed steaks and burgers. These require fewer fossil fuels, antibiotics and pesticides as compared to the corn-fed alternative. When planning the menu, it is wise to remember that most people who are green minded are mainly vegetarians. In light of this, it is good to offer one meal which does not have any animal ingredients. This meal idea can also be used in eco friendly weddings. This way you will cater for the needs of all your guests.

Invitations and Place Cards

For a bucks party in Sydney, you can collect large leaves and then write the names of your guests on them using a non-toxic ink pen. You can also make use of great e-invitation templates which you can send to your guests via email. E-invitations will also save you some bucks as you conserve the environment.


If you can, have the party during the day so as to make maximum use of the natural light. For a night eco friendly party, you can make use of soy candles which burn for longer and saves on energy.

Arrive in a Low Emission Style

You can organize for common transport instead of every guest arriving in their cars. This will save the environment and also save you on parking at the venue.

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