How to Throw an Awesome Bachelor Party in Sydney

A man’s bachelor party should be one of the most memorable nights of his life. His wedding night and the nights his kids are born technically come in first, but that may be in part because the man knows that if he admits how awesome his bachelor party was, there may not BE a wedding or kids. Make sure the groom-to-be has a night he’ll remember for years to come. Below are a few advices from Sydney’s XXX Bucks Parties on how to plan your best friend’s bucks night.

The Time

Ideally, the bachelor party should not be held the night before the wedding. Either the groom will practice self-control so he can be alert for his wedding the next day, or he won’t and he will be in big trouble with the bride. While hosting the bachelor party a week in advance is ideal, if out-of-town guests make timing an issue, two nights before could work too.

The Guests

The right combination of guests can make or break a party. The groom’s best friends are essential, but family members can be questionable. If family members who could potentially put a damper on the festivities must be invited, start the party at a family-friendly location such as a restaurant or backyard. Then, move the party to a more questionable location after any party-poopers have turned in for the night.

The Activities

While bachelor parties generally call for strippers, there are other options as well. Take the groom’s interests into account. You could take in a professional football or baseball game. You could spend the day fishing out on the lake. You could hit every bar in town and drink until you forget your own names. Or you could always spend the night stuffing dollars in your favorite strippers’ panties.

The Details

While over-planning a bachelor party can ruin the fun, under-planning can be a problem as well. Make sure you have reliable transportation for the evening lined up before you go out for the night. You may want to warn the management of your bachelor party before you go, so they are not alarmed by your excessive amount of fun. You will want to make sure your camera has fresh batteries so you can document—and remember—the night later.
No matter where you go and what you do, a bachelor party should be all about making sure the groom has the best night of his life up to this point. Make sure he enjoys one last taste of freedom before he has to grow up and be responsible.

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